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Aquarium Fish Shop

We at Aquarium Fish Shop are specialized in premium grade and rare fish farming, we have years of experience in the field of fish farming and our supply always arrive healthy and on time.

We supply to all states and out of country as well, due to the fact that we ship live aquatic fishes, we make sure all delivery are express and take the maximum of three days to arrive the doorstep of the purchaser; except in situations where the client request to pick the item up at the post office.

For endangered species which require licenses, we always make sure to acquire everything need to make their delivery uninterrupted and fast. For species like Arowana Each of our fishes come equipped with chip and certificate to comply with CITES.

We also supply fish tanks to those looking to expand or state fish farming or just an individual looking into acquiring some fish for personal use. We will always supply hand picked fish tanks, carefully crafted to be effective and beautiful. You can always check our inventory on latest collections available for sale.

In regard to communication, our most effective means of getting in touch with us is by email, live chat and support ticket. Get in touch and get the answers you require.

Aqua Fish Shop