Arowana care tips

Arowana are one of the largest growing species of aquarium fish and can sometimes reach lengths of over 4 feet. For this reason it is recommended that they are raised in extremely large tanks of over 150 gallons or large outdoor ponds. This however should be in mind as your Arowana grows, at the early stage a tank of 50 gallons is recommended.

Arowanas prefer aquariums with both large open swimming spaces and sufficient hiding spots. They mostly swim near the surface region of the aquarium and are incredibly powerful jumpers. Arowanas in the wild have been spotted jumping 10 feet or more to capture insects and birds. For this reason it is crucial that the arowana’s aquarium be tightly covered with a heavy lid.

Arowana are extremely heavy eaters and tend to produce a lot of waste. Therefore it is crucial that aquarists pay careful attention to their water conditions and not let the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate content of the arowana aquarium reach hazardous levels. Water changes of up to 20% are recommended twice a week. A well cared for arowana will often live for up to 15 to 20 years.

While younger arowana prefer to be kept in fairly large groups of 6 or more, they can turn extremely territorial and aggressive towards one other when reaching maturity. For this reason its preferable to keep arowanas alone as they grow.

However, adult arowanas can be kept in large groups of 6 or more when raised in a large aquarium or pond with sufficient room.

Arowanas are extremely predatory and should not be kept with smaller sized fish. They can be kept in community tanks with large, non-aggressive species like knifefish, pacus, oscarss, plecostomus, jaguar cichlids, green terrors, gars, tinfoil barbs, siamese tigerfishs and other large species of catfish.

Feeding arowanas can sometimes be a challenge because some adults only accept live foods. Arowanas are carnivores and have strong predatory instincts. They can be fed on a diet of feeder goldfish, frogs and shrimp.

Arowana are one of the largest growing species of aquarium fish and can sometimes reach lengths of over 4 feet.

Keeping live arowanas is a lively and those are some of most joyful experience of us here at Aqua Shop. We hope you have same experience keeping those you pick up from our shop or we are sure you are currently having same experience if you already got them from us or other sellers. 

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  1. Is it legal to own asia arowana in the US? All ive read Shows me That is is illegal.

    1. It is illegal if the arowana was caught in the wild. But if it was given birth to in captivity and chipped after birth, it is no longer illegal. All our Arowana were chipped at birth and its legal world wide except maybe where we haven shipped to.

      Some jurisdiction require permit, some don’t, we have few clients in USA and all sales and delivery went smoothly. It was inspected and all papers were provided which permitted the delivery to go through. Happy shopping

  2. sound like you know what you?re talking about! Thanks

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